“Thank you for everything you've done to help us buy the home of our dreams. We love and appreciate you.” - A & S

“Thank you soo much for helping us get our/my dream home. Your TLC & voice of reason was extremely reassuring for the both of us during this process. We Love & Appreciate you more than you know :)” - Love C & D XOXO

“I would like to tell the rest of the refinance-searching world about my successful experience with Loans by Suzette. The firm was recommended to me by a relative, but I was still hesitant, since it was not a local business, and I worried about long distance communications getting in the way of sealing a deal. They reassured me that through fax machines and email, my loan would be handled as efficiently as if I were next door. It proved true!” – S.D.

“Everything was done quickly and easily. After a credit report showed one outstanding debt, Loans by Suzette helped clear the problem and then proceeded, with minimal effort from me, to find me the lowest rates possible. They did all the work, setting up the appraisal, searching for the best loan, waiting for the best moment to lock in my rate. Before I knew it, I had a new loan at a much lower rate, and even though I switched from a 30-year to a 15-year loan, I had lower monthly payments.” – B.P.

“Throughout the process, I was treated politely and was well educated about all of my options. Once the papers were signed and notarized, I felt satisfied that I had obtained the best loan possible for my situation. I couldn’t be more pleased.” – R.S.

“My wife and I have been trying for years to get the stars to line up properly for us to be able to make a purchase in Laguna Beach.  In short, due to multiple rentals and businesses we have far too complex a file for most lenders to really even want to deal with us.  After discussion with Suzette we decided to try to make a purchase.  We made an offer and it was accepted.  Then Suzette and Bob, her assistant, processed what is likely the thickest file to ever cross their desks.  (I think she actually said that was the situation).

Suzette took my file to lender after lender each time making a case for us, receiving preliminary approval, and ultimately being turned down once the underwriting supervisor reviewed the file.  This went on for months with the seller continuing to give extensions.  I had about given up when Suzette made yet another pitch on my behalf.  In this final instance she signed up to do business with a lender specifically because she thought they would approve our loan……and she was right!

After a horribly long process involving evil underwriters, termite inspections, home inspections, geo reports and countless hours of pulling bank statements and tax returns we got our home.  In the end Suzette’s tenacity in conjunction with my following her instructions were what made the purchase possible.

I do not believe there are more than a handful of lending professionals on the planet that would have stuck with me like Suzette did.  She really made it happen and for this my wife and I are forever grateful.

I would give Suzette a hundred stars if Yelp would let me.” – M.E.